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About Us aims to adhere to the highest codes of conduct applicable to medical and health web sites. We meet the HON Code of Conduct as published by the Health On the Net Foundation. is pleased to operate within the high standards required by the Health On the Net Foundation, and this statement of operating principles is designed to meet or exceed the stipulated code. does not provide medical or health advice. Information provided by this site is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient / site visitor and his / her existing physician. No information relating to individual visitors to this site or their identity is stored. is located in the UK. No claims will be made relating to any specific treatments, commercial products or services. The authorship of all information will be clearly indicated, and the site welcomes contact via the email address indicated throughout the site. The webmaster is a UK qualified health care professional currently practising within the field of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and it is hoped that this will enhance the quality assurance of the website and any information provided.

An important feature of is the discussion forum, which is intended to allow young people, parents and CAMH professionals to share advice and experiences. Moderation of this forum is carried out regularly by the webmaster, and will involve the removal of inappropriate postings. It is an intended feature that all users have access to view all postings, and users posting to the forum must be aware of this. does not receive any sponsorship from commercial or non-commercial organisations. It is not affiliated with any health care provider or CAMH agency, whether NHS or independent. No promotional material is displayed on this website. The site may receive small commissions on books purchased via its links, and would welcome this as a potential contribution towards the operating costs of this voluntary website, which is otherwise personally funded.

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